6-step microdosing group program

Simplicity in Small Doses: Your Easy Guide to Effective Microdosing

Overview: This 6 step program would present microdosing as a straightforward, accessible practice that you can incorporate into your daily lives for potential improvement in areas such as mood, creativity, focus, or emotional well-being.

It aims to demystify and simplify microdosing for those who may be new to it or apprehensive about it.

It also aims to anchor microdosing into your daily life with ease so you get the desired results.


Registration open for 7 days:

January 8, 2024
9:00am Pacific Time

Program Highlights:

Step 1: Transformation Through Microdosing

Step 2: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Step 3: Systematic Tracking

Step 4: Reassess and Refine

Step 5: Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Step 6: Taking Full Responsibility

  • Weekly live group meetings
  • Daily short 15 min activities you can do at your own pace

Benefits of Joining Our Group Program:

Motivation: Being part of a like-minded community fuels your journey.
Accountability: Regular check-ins and group support keep you on track.
Uncertainty Resolution: Get answers to your questions and clarity on your concerns.
Reassurance: Expert and community support provide the affirmation you need to proceed confidently.

Perfect for you if:

If any or all of these resonate with you, then don't miss this opportunity. The 6-week program is designed to offer solutions to each of these challenges, helping you transition from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.​

  1. You've Identified a Persistent Issue: You've pinpointed a specific problem, be it emotional, mental, or physical, that's been holding you back, and you're finally ready to address it head-on.
  2. You're Seeking a Mindset Shift: You understand the immense potential for growth that a shift in mindset can offer. You're committed to making this change and are seeking the tools and structure to make it happen.
  3. You Feel Stuck or Unfulfilled: Despite having tried different methods, you can't shake the feeling of stagnancy or unhappiness in your current life situation.
  4. You're Intrigued by Microdosing: You're keen on giving this revolutionary practice a go, but you want to do it right, avoiding common pitfalls and maximizing benefits.
  5. You're Forward-Thinking: The thought of living the same life five years from now sends shivers down your spine. You're ready for transformative change now.
  6. You are new to microdosing or you've tried it before but hasn't offered the desired results.

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